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STD’s and Mental Health

You may be wondering how STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and Mental Health related to each other?

Before we dive into this topic, I will show you the importance of bacteria and the brain.  There are many studies that show the connection between our mental health and gut bacteria.  The fact is our eating habits and what we eat are important to our mental and emotional state.

Some like to think of them as separate but, I would like to suggest that all the elements of being human are intimately connected, on that basis, your mental and emotional health are one.

Gut Bacteria and Mental Health

Bacteria plays a major factor in mental health. Specifically, gut bacteria has been shown to cause or relieve depression. To be clear about this we must first know that gut bacteria is extremely important for health and to put it bluntly, we would die without them.

Their role affects our immune system, mental state, digestion, and supply essential nutrients for our health but, that only works if we eat the right things. So, how do these good bacteria suddenly become bad for us?  They simply respond to what we eat.

If we supply foods that lack nutrition and are toxic, they convert to bad bacteria.  On the other hand, good food causes them to produce a good by-product and it is this by-product that makes the brain healthy.  This by-product is what nourishes the brain and brings balance to the mind and the function of neurotransmitters.


A depressed mind is like a really blunt knife and sometimes the solution is a lot closer and simpler than most think.  Some buy supplements to deal with this but, unfortunately, they remain unopened in the cupboard.  The answer is within arms reach yet it sometimes remains unopened.

Studies show that the pathogenic bacteria that enter our bodies through sexual intercourse like syphilis can prove to be a real problem.  Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that begins with genital sores, progresses to a general rash, and then to disfiguring abscesses and scabs all over the body.

In its late stages, untreated syphilis can cause heart abnormalities, mental disorders, blindness, other neurological problems, even death.

Health services provide solutions and many times they deal with the symptom which is good for the time being but, there is no denying that mental health is compromised in the long run.  Syphilis can cause mental health problems.  With this fact we must bear in mind that some people are more susceptible than others.


Other Factors

Another dimension to this is that mental health clinics are finding that a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol will also contribute not only to decision making for sexual activity but also lifestyle as a whole.

Multiple sex partners is more than just sex.  Having multiple sex partners involves masking behaviour. This is when people are trying to cover gaps of unhappiness or unfulfilment in their lives.

Depression is often temporarily be relieved by just having sex with someone new giving you an emotional high but, depression soon returns greater than the previous day leaving a bigger hole to fill.

Sometimes sex is used to cover sexual abuse, a sense of belonging, to fit in, boredom or just lack of self value.

sensual couple

I guess this ties the whole topic together that we are not just sexual beings as some psychological or sociological experts say.  We are human and have human needs that are, though complex in their working are simple in reality.

We have needs that are based on our history and present.  Our needs are also based on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual setup.  Don’t let sex make your decisions but, make appropriate decisions about sex. As you read on you are about to take charge of this situation.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases affect your whole body. Below are some tips on how you can begin feeling better in just 5 simple steps:

  1. Drink a glass of lemon water in the morning.  1 Lemon in a large mug or warm water will do.  Do this 30 minutes before breakfast.
  2. Cut the junk – that means refined flour based food that includes refined sugar in all its forms.
  3. Eat 50% raw and eat the raw first.
  4. No more soda or dilute juices.  Simply Use a lemon or just water.  Go for 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily.
  5. Eat no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

When you look after your insides they will reward you.  The bacteria prefer the rules just mentioned and you will begin very quickly to feel better physically and mentally. The bacteria will send nutrients to the brain and you will start to feel better!

I’ve also put a 30-day program that will be a good start if you want to get your body back to health.

Remember that you are not alone.  If you need support contact us and we can offer help on setting you up with a lifestyle that supports positive change.

Curtis Powell

Curtis Powell

I'm a qualified Nutritionist and Herbalist and have been practicing since 2008. This means nothing without applying God's wisdom and the scriptures as my guide in helping myself and others to living life more abundantly. Most of the disease I see around me are totally unnecessary but more importantly, they're totally revisable With the health principles found in my online course.

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