Health Recommendations

The following links are recommended products to help you get healthy, each has a function and if you're not sure what to there is information on the blog. Using our links helps us create more free content on the blog.

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Bentonite Clay

Use this to cleanse the bowel, it's best used with Psyllium Husk.

Milk Thistle

Please read the Liver Flush Program to see how you can use this herb. 

Cascara Sagrada

Use this to cleanse the Bowel and Liver.

Roselle plant

This is best used to help alleviate Heart disease and blood pressure with the right diet.


Use this as a solution for menstrual issues.

Shepherds Purse

Use this for Menstrual and Hormone issues

Evening Primrose

Use this for Menstrual issues.

Dong Quai

Use this for Menstrual issues.

Magnesium Citrate

Use this for Menstrual issues

Black Cohosh

Use this for Menstrual issues

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