Managing Fibroids and other related Issues Naturally

Managing Fibroids and other related Issues Naturally This Course will show you how you can manage your Fibroids and Hormones with simple steps and proven remedies that will help you achieve optimal health.You must remember that a change in your lifestyle is a crucial key in keeping good health. As someone once said, prevention is better than cure. In other words, it’s best to keep healthy than to wait until something goes wrong and you’re tasked with how to find a remedy for it.  However, should you find that you are suffering from any of these ailments you learn to manage them completely naturally.

Instructed by: curtis

Course Description

What You Will Learn

You must remember that a change in your lifestyle is a crucial key in keeping good health. As someone once said, prevention is better than cure. However, should you find that you are suffering from any ailment, you can learn to manage them completely naturally. It will take courage and discipline but, you can do it.


  • Willingness to get rid of any foods that are causing the imbalance.
  • An open mind to trying new food and methods of healing.
  • Patience, there are no quick fixes.

Content – Fibroids, Cause, Effect and Solution

Introduction This is an introduction to the topic of fibroids and setting the perspective firstly from a biblical and mental standpoint. We also look at the true mechanics and causes of fibroids. Module 1 – Statistics A look at the statistical data addressing race and the dynamics of the disease. Are there differences in the races? We also look at the reasons and success of the conventional treatments and the effects.
  1. Racial groups that are more susceptible to fibroids
  2. What age groups are affected the most
  3. Surgical procedures that are performed because of fibroids
  4. How obesity affects fibroids
  5. Diets that are directly linked
Module 2 - Why the Pain? Why is menstruation so painful for some women? We identify known causes of the things that cause hormonal changes that influences whether you get fibroids and other related ailments.
  1. Why fibroids cause pain
  2. Hormones that help increase or decrease discomfort
  3. How everyday activities may lead to an increase in xenoestrogens
  4. Chemicals that block sweat glands and what it means
  5. What chemical codes to look for when shopping
  6. Sources of estrogen
  7. What estrogen does to men
Module 3 - Growth and Development  This video begins to address the dietary aspects in detail.
  • Largest contributing factor of hormone imbalance
Module 4 – Remedies This video will show you the remedies that I have used over the years to support hormonal balancing, fibroids, polycystic ovaries and the menopause. Specific foods will either bring healing or more disease. This video shows you the best foods and habits to support healing.
  1. Lifestyle practices that will get you results
  2. The minimum water requirement
  3. The importance of using the Liver Flush Program
  4. Other detox methods and tips
  5. How the body interprets protein and how it affects hormone balance
  6. Sources of protein that are healthy
  7. Remedies and tips on when and how to use them
Module 5 - The Truth about Soya What about soya? The single biggest question I have ever been asked is on the topic of soya. Is all soya bad for you? We find out.
  • Why understanding the Molecular structure can increase or decrease your health
Module 6 - How Men are Affected We couldn’t leave the men out. We look at the prostate and how it will become inflamed and what can be done to avoid this and remedies to support the process of healing. Instructions are given step by step.
  1. Anatomy
  2. The signs of prostate issues
  3. Remedies that will help reduce inflammation
Module 7 - Spiritual Application and Conclusion  We give some spiritual pointers from scripture to assist you on your journey of healing. This will help your mind set. I hope you find more strength as God enables you to health.
  • Tips on how to move forward and keep healthy


  • Introduction
  • Course

About Instructor

Curtis Powell

I'm a qualified Nutritionist and Herbalist and have been practicing since 2008. This means nothing without applying God's wisdom and the scriptures as my guide in helping myself and others to living life more abundantly. Most of the disease I see around me are totally unnecessary but more importantly, they're totally revisable With the health principles found in my online course.


Managing Fibroids and other related Issues Naturally

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