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The Original Plan is a Bible-based health ministry that teaches people how to do what I’ve been doing since 2008. I teach people how to recover from the most common illnesses and challenging the status quo on what true health is.

1 Timothy 7 tells us that we must keep our body, which is the temple of the Holy Ghost, in the best condition possible. God again expresses His mind to us in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 when He tells us that He wants us to be whole in mind, body and spirit. We minister on all three levels.

  • The physical and spiritual elements of health have an intimate connection. Prepare to have your eyes opened as you grow in knowledge and prepare to put it all in action – faith and works, together.
  • The results are seen very quickly so join us so you can get your health back. I will teach you how to achieve your personal best without the use of expensive supplements or relying on people to achieve it.
  • The Original Plan was formed to create groups of individuals who act as health missionaries within various communities. We believe that God does heal the sick miraculously; we also promote the responsibility of adopting health principles into our lifestyle so that we may fully participate with God.

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We seek to reach out to the world through a health message. Our work is the Gospel in action.

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Curtis Powell


Certified Herbalist and Nutritionist

About Me

I have approximately 15 years of experience and I've discovered that many of the diseases I see around me are totally unnecessary but, more importantly, they're totally reversible using natural health principles.

I appreciate natural health and the realisation began before marrying my wife. Nearly a year after marriage we were expecting our first child and I knew that I wanted my daughter to be as healthy as possible; it made me determined to raise her on a vegetarian diet.

Funny story is I was not a vegetarian yet and it took another 2 years before the change. The truth is I lacked the will power and I really didn't have a great reason at that time to be healthy. I was young and enjoyed eating whatever my taste buds desired. I was fit and vibrant but, the reality was my mind was never clear.

I don't know where the impression came from but, for some mysterious reason I felt the need to give up meat. I cannot tell you that this was an easy task and I fell at a few hurdles. Remember, I didn't have a good enough reason to make this change but, that would come later.

I remember as a child that despite having lots of energy I would find it difficult to concentrate. In class I couldn't grasp concepts, my mind was clogged and it all started to make sense in 2005 when I changed my diet.

I noticed, within a short time, that there was a difference in my mental and physical being. In addition I also removed soda and most dairy from my diet which made all the difference to me. You see, I grew up drinking milk and eating lots of cheese, at the time I didn't know it but, it definitely would have had an effect on my blood.

When I made a determined effort to remove it from my lifestyle, I felt a lot better. I was 28, my mind began to grasp deeper concepts and my focus was greater than ever before.

It wasn't until I became qualified in Herbal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition that I learned of all the benefits of my newfound lifestyle and even at that point I wasn't aware of the greater picture of health.

My Belief 

My Christian beliefs were the missing piece of the puzzle. I realised the original blueprint of a wholistic lifestyle and also what our medicine really was to protect us from disease. This was all pieced together when I was trained as a Medical Missionary.

I trained with Mamon Wilson and the course taught me the deeper truths about health, disease and the logical reason to God's plan for our lives through scripture. But, the greater change took place when I had to share this with other people and inevitably, they wanted help.

Now I had a greater reason for changing my lifestyle and it has been my motivation. Don't get me wrong, I still have weaknesses but, by His grace I get back up when I fall.

You too can join me on this journey, it's guaranteed to be challenging but, satisfying and worthwhile.

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